Consuming the Infinite Rancidity


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    This Compact Disc contains 12 pages booklet, 8 massive brutal death track, disgusting art is made by almighty Rudi Gorging suicide art from Indonesia. Lay out by Alfan Afero of Brutal Infection Records and Susilo of Waar Prods.

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This is one of the sickest Indonesian One Man Brutal Death album. Contains 8 massive Brutal Death tracks, has almost 39 minutes insane brutal composition that will slave your ears. On this album I combined Brutal drumming of PUTRIDITY and dynamic riffing of DISENTOMB, DISGORGE, AND INVERACITY. You will find new taste experiences of machine drumming. It won't disappoint you.


released September 13, 2016

All instruments are executed by Nugek
Lyric and music performed by Nugek
Produced and distributed by: Brutal Infection Records
Recorded at: Heavens Drive Music Studio
Mixed and Mastered by Fachrizal Tofano of NECHRONOME AUDIO
Cover art by Rudi Gorging Suicide Art



all rights reserved



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Track Name: Entering The Devoured Realms

We walk into the death
Feel the wet Blood on every touch
Decayed, Disgusting, and full of maggot
Severed heads and mutilated bodies spread around us
We hear many scream of women who are Fucked on their anus, vagina, and mouth.
Some of them were killed with Inhuman tools
slice of breast hang on the chain
a part of hand and body displayed on the table of surgery
In other side we hear bark of fucking bitches, gay and lesbian
They lick, such, and fuck each other
A part of genital full of blood
Blood flow into the glass of kings
Those blood become a power
Power that conquer the world is eternal
They are dominated by greed
They obligate to worship the rancidity
They were killed inside, living death
They have fed by depraved conspiracy
Welcome to the devoured realm
Life without norm
Where we have a freedom to kill each other
Eat their skins and drink their blood
There is no God behind them
Worship the satan and fake religion that made by Bastard Inhuman one.
They pray to the nothing, for the death
Get the power by killing their clans, fuck their Mom and eat their father's head
Welcome to the devoured realm
We are entering the devoured realm.
Track Name: Diminished Torture

This is a liar story by the dead body
About person who is claimed as redemption
He tell you that he diminished your torture
He cursed by million enemies
Enemies that want kill him
Enemies that want behead his head and kick it like a pig
Enemies that want he suffer
How can that shit happen?
Whoever never be ransom for another sins
That was a fucking big liar
Your blood is yours not his
Your violence is yours not his
Your sexual disorder is yours not his
You drink much blood for your need and for your judgment
Nobodies can replace you to feel the pain because that act
Your torture is diminished by dead body
Your torture is diminished by big duping
His propaganda have infected you
Your torture is him, who tell you about person who is cursed for take your sins.
Kill him, curse him, bring his head into the beast!
I want see his body full of blood
I want see his head severed by chainsaw
I want see hundreds of dead body eat his corpse
While he dies, I will laugh at you
Sit on the throne, drink much blood, eat intestines of his servant, and fuck their daughter
You will see that my pain couldn't be taken by another, nobody
Your torture is yours, not mine
Your death is yours, not mine.
Track Name: Inherited by Unidentified Disease

Red eyes turn black with a blood line behind
Skin full of scabs and splattered mucus
Thousand maggots life in part of head, eat head skin and make a disgusting hole into the brain
What will you do?
Your temper will make you commit suicide
Infect another person, how the way?
Maybe you can tease him, showing your breast and press them to his face
Make him touch your disgusting skin to share some bacteria
Rape him!!! Put your decayed vagina into his mouth
So he can smell and feel that dirty stuff
Blow his dick with your mucus
Fuck him!!! Spread you maggots around his body
Infect him and another guy
So when they having sex with another women, you can laugh and bark fuckin' loud
Your pain will spread around
Your disease have infected another
What was that?
You are inherited unidentified disease
You become a killing machine
Where have you gotten that disgusting disease?
What you have done?
You have inherited unidentified disease
Your act is your pain
Nobody knows what you have done and what you will do with your disease
Just look at you devoured head
Full of maggot that eat your head
Just look at your decayed skin
Full of scabs and splattered mucus
Track Name: Dance of Eternal Disablement

Your head is like a closed
Where the media and political violence are the butt
They sit on top of your head and give you much shit
You eat their shit and you guys proud of that
You are like flawed person
Yes maybe you are flawed
Your head had cut by media
Your genital is the best commodity
I'm yealing for your stupidity
I'm dancing for your disablement
Disablement intercourse
You have no idea
When the propaganda slice your body
When the conspiracy wash your brain
When the falsehood mutilate you clearly
Your flawed brain will be eternal
You will never realize that you have eternal disablement
I'm yealing for your stupidity
I'm dancing for your disablement
Your head is like a trash
Where the kingdom violence are the ass hole
They sit on top of your head and give you much shit
You eat their shit and you guys proud of that
I'm yealing for your stupidity
I'm dancing for your disablement
Disablement intercourse
Track Name: Feminism False Defined

Undelivered purpose
Stuck in the middle of brain
Women Brain that full of Emotional scabs
Want an infinite power of man
Want kill all of untouchable power
Build an icon of monarch around kingdom
They want many erected dick serving their vagina and ass hole
Give more satisfaction
Need an eternal intercourse
Want more satisfaction
Need an infinite intercourse
This is like asserting history
Strengthen a monarch concept with false mind
Full of emotional needs
Eating the truth and disgorging the liar
Beheading human fate is a normal thing in their blood
Destroy the power of human kind
Devour the inhuman needs
Make an infinite power of their gender
Give more false conception
Need more destruction
Want more destruction
Need an eternal destruction
Feminism False Define
Now will Slice your dick into pieces
Decapitate your head and display it on television
Mutilate your rights, and they use it for wash ass hole
You have no chance anymore
You have no power as king
They want more power for personal satisfaction
They create eternal destruction
They have much miss conception
They arrange peace realm with false way
Shot their head, Cut their throat
Slice their breast, explode their stomach
Eat their intestines, womb, and lungs
Fuck their dead body and cum into their butt
Track Name: Consuming the Infinite Rancidity

Disgorging too much shit
Shit from disgusting source
Rotten corpse, decayed intestines, decomposed smell, vile blood, decayed breast, etc.
Those spread around us.
We have consuming too much rancidity
It's not just about what we have eaten
All about thing that what we see, hear, feel and touch
We see much duping about world
How the conspiracy made us dumb
How the conspiracy make a million people hate the other for false reason
How the conspiracy make much poison for health reason
How the conspiracy make billion people dead for peace reason
Those are tricking by bastard interest
We are consuming those shit
We hear about world misconception as the truth
We use those as way of life
We believe about the false story about peace
Where million bomb had exploded billion Women and children head in peace place
And there are no justice
There are no fuckin' world organization function to give them peace
They let them died without right struggle
They let their head exploded without resistance
Their blood flow across the river
They breath in fumes
They life with hundreds of bullets and missiles behind their step
There are no fuckin' world organization function to give a proper life
We know that, we hear that.
But we just do nothing
Some of us just get the false news from bastard media
Just sitting in our place with putrefied food
Fuck bitches in single night
Make a suicidal party every year
Consuming too much fat
Devouring too much decayed flesh
Licking nasty pussy and ugly ass hole
Those thing are provided behind us
Those are infinitive
Those are what we consume
Consuming the infinite rancidity